Our land

We are in the town of Gernika, a historical location identified with the basque people. It is also the capital of Urdaibai, an area declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

In this environment, in the Basque Country, we have four prestigious “Denominaciones de Origen”. The most internationally recognized is the D.O. Rioja, the origin of our family, and where the characteristics of the soil and climate, allow us to make exceptional wines.

A few kilometers away we find the widest vineyard extension in Spain, where are located “Denominaciones de Origen” of great relevance, such as D.O. La Mancha, the world´s largest export area for wines.

Also very close to us, in the northeast, there is the wine region of France. French wines come from some of the oldest vine crops and originate from the times of the roman empire. To be highlighted in this region, the D.O. Bordeaux, where the wines with the highest international recognition are located.

For this reason, our location is privileged for winemaking in an unrivalled region, the wine epicenter between Spain and France, territories whose vineyards are the most extensive and most prestigious, respectively, in Europe.